The Attachment Circle

The Attachment Circle is a private network of individuals dedicated to learning and applying the truth about honest relationships and healthy attachment.

We help each other build, repair, and improve attachment by sharing advice, experience, and knowledge in a secure setting without judgment or fear.

By joining the group you will


Because it’s not enough to learn about attachment. You’ve got to experience healthy relationships to understand what to do. If you want to improve your relationships, enjoy your life, and build a better world, come join us.


It’s a gathering place for everyone who wants to learn about healthy attachment, experience trusting relationships, and connect to others who hold shared values like honesty, integrity, respect, courage, and compassion.


We’re looking for more companions to share good attachment with. As we connect with each other, we rewrite our brains from fear to trust. We can repair our damage together and become better people through friendship.

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